Monday, April 23, 2012

It's Hard Out Here For a . . . Black Wing Nut.

Rep. West Dis invited From Event Over Communists in Congress Remark.

Follow up to the Mia Love not getting the love from the Main Streamers, story.  Hey.  Look at her competition.  Not only is there Rep. West, who almost as regularly as that geyser, Old Faithful, will spew out a spectacular even if noxious  verbal discharge.  And I mean, newsworthy for it's ignorance, or nastiness.  Then there's "Herb" Cain.  He's a political has been, but nobody has convinced him of that.  Just recently he released some commercial about man eating chickens?

Suffice it to say.  A well behaved, normal seeming  (for a GOPer) black republican has a lot to overcome.  Just to get about the noise level.



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