Saturday, April 07, 2012

Instapundit Publishes a Criticism of Professor Racist Dickface (Jacobson.) And Tacitly, Althouse.

Not even worth linking. Because mainly the writer goes off on some meandering, wandering silly shit of exposition. But he did take on Professor Racist Dickface (JMO) Jacobson, and his idiotic repetition of that Zimmerman defending "Let's Not Try The Case In The Media," bullshit. Hey. I should at least skim that. Hold on.

Meh. He's fairly consistent aping the talking point of the day, and that's basically all he did. Again, and as an aside, it is still weird why the wing nuts are so hard and wet for Zimmerman. Oh wait! He killed some black kid! Reason enough, I guess!

But more thoughtfully, I really think the "Let's Not Try The Case In The Media," line is one of those lines, where the actual literal content is so not the point. The real point in saying or repeating the line is to cause some action, or thwart some action one does not want to continue, as that would badly affect one's arguments. It's not a pure red herring. It's more like that flag they wave at car races when there's a wreck and they have to clear it off the tracks. In other words, you can't stop the thing you are trying to thwart. But if you can slow it down some, you will settle for that.

And I think that is what a lot of these people, including Professor Racist Dickface, are knowingly doing. Then there are the dull witted sheep who are so stupid they will follow the lead of someone like the Dickface, or even Ann Althouse, who was spewing the same nonsense, earlier this week, in her appearance. Even before I read the article that inspired this post, I had watched Althouse, comically going into some kind of emotional fit while arguing that discussions about the Trayvon Martin case were too emotional. (And as an aside, I sort of repeat myself. Some likely racist piece of garbage leaves his house at night, with a gun, hunting human. Kills human. Doesn't get arrested. That's enough to get all emotionally fired up about, with out the racism part!) But she also said that stupid bullshit about not trying the case in public. Bla bla, puking yadda yadda.

Again, Bob Wright, her co conversant in the v-blog, was much kinder to her than I would have been. I mean really. If I were in a conversation with a law professor who spewed that sort of nonsense, I could have said what I said to some idiot on a message board, last week or so.   He said to me that something I said or argued,"Would not hold up in court."  I replied, "Good thing for me this isn't court."

It is mind blowingly stupid to think, suggest, or argue that the rest of the world should operate under the same standards of a court. It never has. It never will. So stop with the idiotic argument that it does or should? Please.

This whole post has been driven by and towards one of my pet peeves about wing nuts, right winger, what ever the fuck those "so called" people call themselves. They rape the language. It's how they try to control the message. And even if I never fall for their shit, it is (I have to admit) an often successful line of bullshit. Think about the nonsense this week with the Obama is a Bully, bullshit. And that he doesn't know about judicial review clap trap. It's all about message combat. It's all about partisan politics. It's all about going to any imaginable length to take the fight to your opponent, no matter the damage to society, it's institutions, the language, what ever.

And again, that is why I did not bother to post the article that inspired me to post this. It's not a matter of Professor Racist Dickface being wrong, and trying cases in the court of public opinion is a good thing. What it really was and is about is that Professor Racist Dickface is an out and out GOP Conservative Hack, and he was engaging in Conservative Hackery. That is most of what he posts on his blog. And that was all that really needed to be said.

(Yes I said more. But I find it fucked up in the head, when people fail to see political hackery being practiced by political hacks. Now Althouse is in another category. Let's just say I would never accuse her of being all that self aware. Or original, where socio political matters are concerned. As every with what I publish here, JMO. )

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