Monday, April 23, 2012

Even More Republican Race Stupidity.

Maybe I should switch to calling him Professor Liar Racebaiter?

Ok.  The wing nut hack I lately have been calling Professor Dickface is going all wet and hard over the winning of the "nomination" for some congressional seat by some tea bagger named  Mia Love.  She's black.  And she's the daughter of Hatian immigrants.  To his race baiting brain, this is "HISTORIC!!!"  And he makes a big deal that the winning of the "nomination" for a congressional seat in Utah, is not being seen as "HISTORIC!!!"  as he believes it is, by the Main Streamers.  Go Here For That Stupid Shit.

Firstly, we already have wing nut Negroes in congress.  Actually elected to congress, actually.  Heard of Allen West?  Now there are no female wing nut Negroes in Congress.  But getting the nomination to try to be that is not historic.  If she wins, that's something else.  But I thought there was at least one, if not more black  female wing nuts on the ballot, nationally, in 2010.  So what the fuck, dood?

But here is the thing.  He's a hack.  His hackery might be mostly  on the Internet.  I don't think he gets published anywhere but his own blog, usually.  But point is he tends to get all hard and wet for all sorts of wing nut shit.  And then there is the racebait part.  Granted, he did not shout it loud, here.  But there is this very fucked up game the wing nuts play, when they reinvent  and misdiscribe any slight against a GOPer as  (fill in the blank) discrimination.  As opposed to not liking wing nuts on account of them being wing nuts.  That was what all that Ann Romney faux hysteria was.  One pundit took a weak swipe at A.R. for never working out of the home, and in their fucked up little minds  that became a war against stay at home mothers, and part of the greater war against (only conservative) women.  And I guess here, the tacit argument is that ignoring this insignificant as national news story is because she's black?  Well at least he did not say it out loud.  But he telegraphed it fairly clearly.

But the pathological attack on the MSM for not giving a rats ass and not reporting about this winning of the nomination to run for congress?  That's fucked-up-ness.  Winning a nomination for a run to congress might be a big deal to the candidate, and even local news should take note.,  But it's not really national news. 

And Professor Racebait? Wait until she actually wins the seat and gets to D.C. before calling her a political rock star.  She hasn't even been on the fucking stage yet, for all intents and purposes. 

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