Sunday, April 08, 2012

Dissapointed . . . That

Professor Racist Dickface (JMO) Jacobson hasn't yet commented on the John Derbyshire affair.  For those of you who don't know, serial and well known as a racist-writer for National Review John Derbyshire wrote something so bloody racist that even conservatives are shunning him.  The article was posted on some other  (not NRO) site.  And Rich Lowry fired Derbyshire's  now too obvious to wink and nod away-racist ass.

John Derbyshire Has (Finally) Been Fired.

I expected PRD  (I need to shorten it) to cry about the unfairness of it all.  But he might be busy this weekend.  He might come through, in the next couple days.  I bet Limbaugh will be defending "Derb" tomorrow.  I would be shocked, shocked, if that doesn't happen.

Oh.  And I peeked in at Althouse's House of Racist Minions.  She posted about it, but did not condemn (or defend)  "Derb."  I hate that shit, but I believe it is paramount for/in a civilized society to dump heaps and heaps of shit on racist dickfaces, and those who defend them.  There has to be standards, damnit!  But I only got a fraction of the way into  the comments.  Lots and lots of ripe nasty shit there.  But some was just stupid shit.  Like the following.  The first sentence is a quote, and the second is the idiotic reply to the quote:

""Of course they do. A bunch of the people here are totally racist."

Other people here go out of their way to always be politically correct, which is the same thing in the opposite direction."
What the ever loving fuck does he mean?  Does he mean that people who are extremists  in NOT SPEWING  racist shit are the same as extremists who ACTUALLY SPEW RACIST SHIT?



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