Monday, April 02, 2012

Ann Althouse Almost Made Me Choke!

There is just something so sickening about her thinking and comments, when ever race, or the phrase I am meaning to adopt, color arousal, is in play. No, she's not really what I would call a self deceiving racist. Nope. She's some weird American born and raised alien. You know what I mean? But in case you don't, her total lack of awareness about such things is of such a complete level, that she might as well be from some foreign nation with a homogenous population, and thus ignorant of such things, due to lack of experience with such things. I have heard the expression "tone deaf" used for that level of ignorance. However she's here. She's been here for a long time, and even if it's blatantly obvious she hasn't got a fucking clue, she will wade into the subject, nevertheless.

Now comes the matter of Treyvon Martin. And she debated (some aspects of) the matter with Bob Wright, for a post. And I choked only a few minutes in. I will have to re watch the first couple hideous minutes, for the choke me line.

(Link to her blog post of the shit.)

The exchange went like . . .  he says Zimmerman was "stalking" the kid, and she says something like, "You are characterizing the facts . . ." Bla bla bla. He gets to saying that the 911 call shows that he (Zimmerman) was asked are you following him (meaning the victim,) and Zimmerman said yes. And like some intellectually bankrupt broken record, Althouse repeats the you're characterizing the facts, line.

Now I know that rhetorical self-destruct actually is not exclusive to the GOP, but I do think they are more prone to digging in their heels on the stupid talking point, than my team. My team (I believe, I don't have data) is likely to retreat on that thwarted line of attack, pivot, and re engage on one of the other lines of attack that are available. But I really thought her refusal to recognize that stalking is following someone around in some unlawful manner, is an example of not only deliberate, practiced ignorance.  But it is evidence of the almost unique to Right Wingers, practiced ignorance.  (They may not have a specific school where such rhetorical stupidity is taught.  But it is a stupid human trick that is shared and handed down from generation to generation, on that side of the aisle.  Seems to me.)

But I should confess that I totally agree with Bob Wright, and am more of a hard ass. I go so far as to say that the "citizen" who is out there at night, with a gun, looking for trouble,  is himself trouble.  But I also think they are fucked up in the head, and on some level is out there hunting human. Not necessarily out there "hunting niggers," which used to be allowed, sorta, under the unwritten common law of some of our southern states. But to my mind Zimmerman was at least hunting human. He happened to shoot and kill a black kid. I don't know if that was part of his mental damage, to get back at them niggers. We might never know the answer to that.

But I do agree with Althouse on one easy and obvious (but not likely to favor Zimmerman) point. There's more to discover here. That's a level of genius on a par with saying the sun will rise tomorrow. Actually. And that was Althouse's next crank. Silly point. After that, she gets her nose all bent out of shape over some conspiracy theory over why the story is so high profile. I know silly person Althouse listens to that notoriously racist piece of shit, Limbaugh. I will just assume she got that talking point from that piece of shit.

Bob Wright did a fairly good job of trying to set her silly ass straight. But again. He was too soft on her. Reality is that it took weeks for this story to rise to the top of the news charts. Now that is the real thinking person's question, Ms. Althouse. Not why it is such a  big deal now, but instead, why did it take so long to become a big deal?

Fuckit. I mean what is the fucking point anyway?  How do you deal with such deliberate, practiced ignorance?

If someone is so fucking blind to the shamefulness, and hence newsworthy ness of a story about what really should be considered a homicide where "color arousal" and a mentally deficient man was out hunting human? And was not charged with a homicide crime? And that it took weeks for the story to gain notoriety? And it took the notoriety factor to get the case investigated? I mean fucking really?

Althouse. How obtuse can you be? Not just her. I use her as a stand in for all such silly people. But anyone who did not instantly think it's a big deal the shooter/killer did not get held on suspicion, and charged  with a homicide crime as soon as possible is really well fucked up in the head. My opinion. And if they are a lawyer and do not get that? That's a blind spot that in my opinion that is beyond excuse. They let him walk out of the fucking police station uncharged for what should have been a charged homicide crime. Shit. The DA could have gone for a lower manslaughter charge down the road. Usually prosecutors and cops start the bidding with the highest charge they can plead with a straight face, at arraignment. Why wasn't that all done here? It's about race damnit. How much more fucking obvious could this be?

Like I said. Fuckit. I am just venting about the wide spread, and seemingly deliberate, practiced ignorance in this nation on the part of far too many white folk, when it comes to color arousal.

I am not giving up the fight.  The late Professor Derrick Bell would be very dissapointed in me if I gave up.  But sometimes  I just want to say, fuck it.  Shit is fucked up and bullshit.

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Blogger t-wain said...

I read this post and appreciated it. Also, I had Althouse in law school.

3:38 PM  
Blogger Abstentus said...

Thanks. I will just hazard and guess and say she was not the most boring prof. I have finally added a global defamation disclaimer here. But still. I will stop short of specuating further than that.

3:21 PM  

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