Sunday, March 11, 2012

What's Next For These Racist Rednecks?

Just last night I got around to digging out one of the signed copies of a Derrick Bell book I have. I just wanted to see his inscription. Even if I never did civil rights work, he was an inspiration to me. And that gets me to the next point.

How messed up in the head must some wing nut be, to accuse as being a racist, someone who likely is number three on the historic list of civil rights litigators, second after Thurgood Marshall, his former boss, and Charles Houston, Marshall's former boss?

Can't answer that question, but that piece of racist garbage Palin had the nerve to call Professor Bell a racist on her recent Hannity appearance.

This is how messed up the rednecky people are in the right wing:

dedicate your carrer to fighting INSTITUTIONAL American Racism (White on Not White racism,) and that makes one a racist?

Ok. What's next? Demoninzing P. Obama for reading King's,"Letter from a Birmingham Jail?"



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