Friday, March 02, 2012

Still Not Finished With Famous and Now Dead Douchebag, Breitbart.

Been reading what people have been saying, both pro and con.

I find the pro stuff sort of deeply sickening;  again, if one lives their life as a professional douchebag, one has not done things worthy of respect.  But this is what the American Right Wing has become.  It is an inherently evil institution that operates under the evil value:  "The End Justifies the Means."

Now I am sure there are some sick bastards who really "respected" him for his ugly brand of partisan attack politics.  I am sure of it.  But I am also sure there are more people who while not exactly approving of his methods, like the result.  So the question then is, which group is the more douchy group?  Maybe it doesn't matter.

Here is an anti Breitbart message I read on a blog by one of the commentators:

 "I wonder if Breitbart's obsession with Weiner's penis is what ultimately did him in?"

I had actually forgot about his place in the Weiner Story.  As far as  I am concerned, my last memory of him should be the sickening scene from a few weeks ago, where he repeatedly shouted,"Stop raping People,"  at some Occupy protestors, outside of the CPAC  venue.

Among the most nasty things anyone can do with out breaking the law is accuse them of a heious felony, having no basis for the charge.  That's Breitbart.  Never was a professional journalist.  And he was perhaps not the first or only professional douchebag.  But he definitely was a professional douchbag.



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