Tuesday, March 06, 2012

Off the Cuff . . .

I am thrilled that Rush Limbaugh is still taking heat.  Or is it fire?  Lots of folk are savaging him, particularly for his "negation" of his apology;  he denied that he attacked her.  As if hurling all kinds of harsh and ugly language at a specific person in ever not an attack.

And of course, his scumbag douche bag supporters are defending him.  Some are still attacking the law student in equally vile terms.  Some are just still fighting the fight on the issues.  As if that is justification for the ugliness.  Some are doing both.

But (and again, I am going off the cuff here,)  to me the important idea here is the "not attacking," claim.  Which is to say, that Limbaugh and most of those right wing pundits rely on that shit too much.  Granted, I can go quite batshit here.  But hey.  This is a blog by some nobody, on the edge of the Internet.  "Beyond Here Be Monsters," it says, just to the West of where I am on the map of the Internet.  So what I am doing is just venting.  I don't have a real audience.  I certainly do not have followers.  More importantly, I don't have sponsors  (I'm in the same position as Bill Maher, there.  Now I need a gig on HBO!)

But honestly.  I'm taking shots at celeb pundits and candidates.  And even when I resort to bad words, I am not doing anything  that has any impact.  When a syndicated pundit "directs hostile fire" at a citizen, it is a way different matter.  Because  I am the tree that falls in the empty forest.  Syndicated pundits are heard.

And I know there is the specific misogynistic accusation here.  That's a level of specificity that really needs not be given that much attention, seems to me.  As the deal is this.  Not that anyone did not know this before, but on many levels  Limbaugh is and always was a dishonest, abusive piece of shit.  But he has managed to push his luck or said otherwise, the tolerance of the marketplace way the fuck too much. 

It's about 30 years past do, this reckoning.  And this will not end his career.  It will not go down in flames.  But his image and career is now a little singed.

Let's hope he makes things worse for himself, before he makes it better.

That would lead to some schadenfreude I can enjoy, guilt free.

Edit To Add:

Media Matters  lists the 46 individual, specific attacks  Limbaugh made on Ms. Fluke, the victim.

And Professor Dickface (Jacobson) over at Legal Insurrection  either proves he gets it, on one level, by not getting it, or that he doesn't get it, by not understanding he got it,  by whining that  "the left" doesn't just want an apology from Limbaugh, but a confession.

Ok  Professor  Dickface.  I might be a heathen,  and a heretic, and apostate, but I used to be an altar boy.  Long way of saying I used to be a practicing Catholic.  Anyway,  Catholics have that whole  confession thingie.  Lesson of that confession thingie is that confession is a prerequisite to forgiveness.  Well, make that confession and contrition.  Wishy washy apologies are not worth spit, actually.  And Limbaugh's was not even worth a particularly diseased pig's spit.  Actually.

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