Sunday, March 11, 2012

Now THIS is a Violation of the Right of Free Speech.

One of the few issues that puts me in conflict with people on both sides of the fence (after religion;)  fake claims of violation of free speech rights.  I like to remind people that they have a right to say what ever ignorant, ugly shit they want.  And then everyone else has the right to get on their shit for the shit they say.  But there are limits to that.  Such as State Action?

Take this nonsense. 

Berkeley Police Chief Michael Meehan has come under fire after sending an armed sergeant to Oakland Tribune reporter Doug Oakley's home in the middle of the night to push for changes to a story.
According to the Oakland Tribune, Meehan claimed that Oakley misquoted him in a story. Minutes after reading the article, Meehan ordered Sgt. Mary Kusmiss to visit the reporter's home and request that he correct the article -- at 12:45 a.m.
A reminder, people.  If a radio station/network fires someone over stupid shit they say, that is not censorship.  That's an internal business decision.  If a radio host gets a shit storm of push back after not only a particularly abusive assault on a person, but for all intents and purposes, a career of such abuses, that is not a violation of his free speech rights.  That's the marketplace in operation, for better or worse.  If the POTUS makes mention of billionaires who are spending money against his reelection, that is not a chilling effect.  That's just adversarial politics.  Shit.  Even when a well known comedian gets shit from the cultural/political opposition?  That's the intersection of politics and marketplace. 

But when the cops show up on your damn doorstep to try to make you change only one word in your story?  Now that's a violation of free speech.



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