Monday, March 12, 2012

Now Tell Me Something I Didn't Know Before.

In HBO's "Game Change,"  Mrs. Palin is shown as  an ignorant, crazy person.  Like I knew that already.  Ok.  I haven't seen the movie yet, and would like to.  They are saying both Woody's  and Juliane Moore's work is top stuff.  But for the most part, since I saw through the thin (as in way way thin) veneer of minimal human adequacy of the real Mrs. Palin, I am not likely to learn much new here.  Particularly as the trailer shows one  of the times  she goes near catatonic.  And the reviews  discuss her bi polar-ish rotations.  She was always  nucking futs, kids.  That is not new. 

But still.  As much as I enjoy ragging on her redneck racist of the Great White North-ass, it is really the fact that there were (are) so many people in the USA more fucked in the head, who swooned over this thoroughly unimpressive, obviously no mentally fit human, that was the story for me.

Anyway, let's hope that as a result of the broadcast of the show that her reputation is now  more greatly considered questionable, across the nation.  I really can't imagine her getting to to the WH.  But at this point  that's not enough.  I want her sidelined from politics.  Shit.  I want the redneck off TV.  But then again, I am hoping Fox News gets shut down ever before her contract runs out.  But if that does not happen, I hope Fox  realizes they are better off with out her.  Anyway . . .

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