Thursday, March 15, 2012

(Notso)breitbartians Seem To Have Declared Open Season on Nigras!

The Rev. Al Sharpton's Greatest Hits, According to the Racists at breitbartfatherland.

All righty.  Listen up.  Everybody who did not know The Rev. has had a particularly controversial past, please put down the meth pipe and raise your hand.    Shit.  Wait till these (notso)breitbartians get a load of rap music.  Them "gangsters"  use the n word on each other, them selves, and any person they can.  And they don't vote GOP.

So blame Obama for them and what they do.  Something like that.

Anyone else notice the pattern here.  No, they say they are not racists, but they do seem to have a particular stalker's monomaniacal focus on playing the scary negro man card.  Lately.  What's next?  OJ?  Tyson munching on that guy's ear? Cassius Clay changing his name to Muhammad Ali, and not going to war?  Shit.  I got a parking ticket  a couple  months ago.  I could be next!!!



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