Saturday, March 03, 2012

Maybe You Just Don't Know Shit.

Take another shot at Breitbart?  Well this is more at his stupid fans.   But anyway, not to any of my surprise, I thought the fat  nasty fuck looked rather unhealthy.  But it turns out that he not only had heart problems  going back for years, but that he recently  had a heart attack.  I'm not talking the one that seemingly just killed his fat ass.  I mean not too long ago, an earlier one. 

On various parts of the Internet, ignorant people are saying shit like, "I did not know he was not healthy." 

And the more insane are saying he was assassinated.

People, people.  If you had the ability to process reality, you would have seen that the fat, manic crazy man, who was often having public melt downs, really was not a healthy person, in any sense of the word.

But that's wingnuts for ya. Not only will they praise someone for antisocial, if not flat out insane behaviour.  They will act all surprised when such a raving lunatic drops dead.

What the fuck ever.

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