Friday, March 09, 2012

I'm Still Fuming. Because to Me it is Personal.

I whipped out the c word on Mrs. Palin for daring to call Derrick Bell a racist.

And I have been checking the Web seeing how this is playing out. So far, the best ridicule of this patently offensive racist attack has come from one of the team over at "Lawyers, Guns and Money."

"Obama made his students read Derrick Bell, the legal academy‚Äôs preeminent Critical Race Theorist . . .  in a course dealing with Racism and the Law!"   Here.

And I wish I could just brush this off as the redneck faction of the right wing having their last gasp as a force of any strength in America. But to me the truth is, we have to take this more seriously than that. Just as the more extreme wing nut conservatives are trying to dismantle the legacy of Wilson by attacking the UN when ever possible. And as well, how they attack the legacy of Roosevelt, by attacking Social Security. And they attack Johnson's legacy by going after Medicare. There is a large number of red necks in the GOP who even if they get it, that we can't roll the clock back to before there was this "evil" 14th Amendment, that many of these revanchists would be perfectly happy to see that happen. They hate feminism, and the change in society that caused. And they hate the idea of integration/desegregation, as things were so much easier "before them niggers got all uppity."

Now will you ever hear is said that plainly? Not unless you are lily white, and pass as one of them beyond how you look. We know that when rednecks feel safe they say all sorts of ignorant things. Like Palin last night, on Hannity. I mean really? Did she really think she could get away with out damage calling Derrick Bell a racist? But she likely knows shit about any civil rights leader/lawyers. But she had her chance to take a shot at that black guy in the White House through Bell. And she felt safe enough to let her total lack of racial understanding, sensitivity, and history of the civil rights movement show. And she is way the fuck too much not alone in being that ignorant, and that full of hate.

I'll stop there. For now.

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