Thursday, March 01, 2012

Evil Piece of Shit, Andrew Breitbart is Dead.

Evil Piece of Shit, Andrew Breitbart is Dead.

Since I believe he truly was an evil man, I will not even try to be charitable here. He was an evil pig. We are better off that his evil soul is gone from our plane of existence. Now I do not literally believe in Hell, so take the following as emotional flourish. Brietbart, got to hell. May you suffer a hundredfold for the suffering you caused in you live. May your fate be everlasting torment.

Ya. I am not playing here (even if I don't believe in Hell.) I have yet to read/watch any of the "tributes" for real yet. But if I am not communicating well, let me be blunt. There is to my mind a line where once crossed, a human is beyond the charitable "Sorry he died," shit. And he was that kind of evil. Heart attack is a nasty way to go. It's a painful way to go. Often. I am not going to finish that though. I will only say that I did not wish that on him. But it is done and I am not sad about it.



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