Thursday, March 08, 2012

Day After #Breitbarthastape Dud.

Yup.  In all but the most rabid wing nut parts of the bloggosphere, the racist attack on P. Obama by dead piece of shit Breitbart, and his still living minions  has been greeted with a big shrug, or what the fuck, that's nothing, reaction.

I am still livid about the attacks on Derrick Bell.  I hope anyone who did that, participated in that,  suffers exquisite pain for years and years, on account of that.  Apparently in the most rabid redneck parts of the bloggosphere, a civil rights leader who still believes there's racism in America, and that is it not going to go away, anytime soon, is a racist himself for believing that?

What.  The.  Fuck. 

And I am sure that some people don't get my hatred of all things redneck.   Anyway . . .

Anyway, time to condemn some and congratulate others.  We will designate that piece of shit who blogs under the name instapundit as yet another dickface.  He's been hyping the attack on P. Obama  and Professor Bell on his site.  Michelle Malkin was on Fox  last night, singing the same shit song as the breitbart minions. 

But kudos goes to Ann Althouse, who so far has totally side stepped the issue.  Now will she go to the dark side with this story later, or not?  I will not be surprised either way.  But for now, silence on the matter  gets her a Silver Star. 

Oh.  And before I head for the door, that hashtag in the title?  Turns out that the Hannity Show "exclusive" where the tape was shown was not only instantly deemed as bad as Geraldo and Al Capone's Vault.  But it launched the use of that hashtag for much mocking merriment of the entire circus. 

I can't be sure if armies of lawyers will be wiping off the map now.  It's sort of  redundant.  The minions  seem quite capable of doing that to themselves.  But I would not mind seeing a little assistance here, for that web site's suicide.

Edit To Add:

Althouse gets bumped up from Silver to Gold.  She posted about the racist hatchet job and came down on the side of objective sanity.  Not only was she properly respectful of Professor Bell, but I found out for the first time she was there, guesting at BU Law, when I was up the road at Franklin Pierce.  Small world, all that shit.  But law is really a small world compared to other professions.

I haven't looked at her minion's comments  yet.  I expect lots and lots of redneck racist bile, and shit.

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