Sunday, March 18, 2012

Currently, Thoughts.

Romney: still as stiff and "elitist" as ever. God, out of the buffoons left in the GOP Primary he's the one I want my team to run against.

Santorum: It is (further) evidence of the dissolution and pathology and insanity of the GOP that that insane Catholic American Taliban is still in the race. Granted, Bachmann and Cain never should have rated as serious, for one fucking minute. But even so, likewise, Santorum. He should not have survived Iowa.

Gingrich: fat, ugly, stupid racist.

Ron Paul: Ron Paul who?

Mrs. Palin and the myth of the brokered convention. First the part about the BC generally. It's further evidence of the dissolution and pathology and insanity of the GOP that so many of the leaders and rank and file are freaked out that it is not locked up already. I say that because the way things usually go in the GOP is that shit gets put together in favor of the party elite chosen one so quickly, usually, that these usually corrupt bastards really don't know democracy when they see it in action. Granted, having the stooges still throwing shit at each other is good sport. I don't really know if it is really good for Dems. I mean, it just helps in opposition research expenses, but beyond that? One could argue that it toughens up the eventual nominee.

Now to Mrs. Palin. Sigh. I was talking to someone on FB earlier this week and I was saying I really did not think she was trying to run. Ultimately the down side for her and the biggest personal consideration for her should be . . . if she could not stand the heat before, it is going to be so much hotter now. I mean really. People want to rip the shit out of her. And not just Democrats and the Main Stream Liberal Media. Fucking republicans want to tar and feather her racist ass (not for being a racist, but on account of her other deficiencies.) But I read something about some guessing about the racist cunt from Alaska, a couple days ago, that I am going to call "The Anointing Scenario."

Short of that was that the writer though she was angling for savior status at a brokered convention. Hmm. Ok. Spin that upside down. That means she could actively be hoping to win the nomination with out having to work for it. But for taking a motorcycle and bus trip, and telling folk she's up for it.

Now that sounds like the lazy, stupid, crazy, sociopathic, racist cunt from Alaska.

I wish her no luck with that.

But there is a silver lining for me, if she actually becomes sorta relevant again. I can dust off my trashing Sarah Palin song, record it, and post to YouTube. I might finally go viral!

(All things expressed herein and on this blog generally are just my opinion. And by that I mean anything that could be considered defamatory is definitely just my opinion.)

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