Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Colossal Idiots

That one particular colossal idiot who blogs as Instapundit is one of the leaders of this ad hoc defend Rush Limbaugh campaign.  His idea?  Get people to cancel their cable/HBO  (on account of Bill Maher calling Mrs. Palin a cunt, months ago,) and tell the cable company why.  And then he wants people to buy this device for streaming content to their TV  with out a cable.  (And he wants them to do that through his Amazon affiliate what the fuck ever link.) It's called Roku.

And one of the content providers you can get on your Roku Box, is HBO.

I can't even make shit like this up!  What a colossal idiot.

But I am holding him up as just one of the Rush Defenders.  Apparently  this is their logic.  It's bad to target a broadcaster's advertisers, so they are on the one hand, targeting the advertisers who have dropped Rush, and on the other hand, attacking HBO for Bill Maher.

Again.  I can't even make this shit up.

Meantime, I actually listened to a couple minutes of Rush's show today.  He's playing the victim.  He was trying to make some false equivalence argument about the new TV show that is called  GCB.  It is abbreviated that way because the book that's the source for the show was titled Good Christian Bitches.

As if that in any way changes the fact that Rush is a serial, decades  long abusive, ugly, nasty piece of shit?

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