Wednesday, March 07, 2012

Can We Dig Up Breitbart's Body, and Torture it?

Coward in life, coward in death, mercifully for us, now dead Andrew Breitbart's latest racist attack on P. Obama is going to be attempted though a third party. They (meaning the successors to the dead douchebag Breitbart) are billing that... video as Obama embracing "Racialist" law professor. They are calling Derrick Bell, one of the greatest civil rights lawyers of ever (literally next to, as in worked for Thurgood Marshall) a racialist?

Cowards. This video is 20 years old.

The only reason they were sitting on it was they did not dare attack Professor Bell while he was still alive, no doubt. Bell died just a few months ago. No way they would have dared this while Bell was alive. It would have been a suicide run. I am the least of the least of living lawyers who were lucky enough to meet, and to get words of encouragement and inspiration from Professor Bell. And on the other end of the scale you've got people like P. Obama.

In any event, I think this is going too far. It is almost a shame that the coward Breitbart is dead. Because his last plan is likely the one that is going to bring his virtual "empire" crashing down. Even with Professor Bell dead, it's still a suicide run. And right now I am sure some of Bell's more powerful former students and other legal legacies are figuring out how to wipe off the digital map.

Someone has to be very stupid to pick a fight with several thousand lawyers, at the same time.

That's how I posted it on my FB page.  An hour ago. The right wing douchebags are already busy attacking Professor Bell.  Repugnant. 


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