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Breitbart, Limbaugh, Right Wing Reverence for Sociopathy, and Dysfunction.

EDITED TO ADD:  (Turns out the time line doesn't support Ann Althouse's Theory.  But talk about truthiness!  I am not deleting my post off the blog as, mostly it's about  the freaky pathology of the right wing;  the perverse and pathological games the pundits play, and the inexplicable respect for that shit, on the part of the rank and file wing nuts.  Not really is this about her.  When I post about her it's usually not really about her.  I use her as the starting point for the monologue.)

Perhaps the most disturbing thing about the reactions to Andrew Breitbart's  (I will not say untimely, since he wasn't a heart attack waiting to happen but was the foreseeable second one,) is what he was praised for.  Mostly by his friends and admirers, but even some of his opponents have praised his drive, his passion, his fearlessness.  And such.  Now I am not saying that objectively all that is evidence of mental illness.  But all you have to do is watch any of several videos of that raging lunatic to know he was a raving lunatic. 

He was unbalanced.  He was rude.  He was antisocial.  He was ugly.  He was manic.  He was out of control.  I believe I already posted here, some blogger's  take on that.  That blogger, a 10 year veteran of law enforcement,  quickly went to crazy, on drugs, or both,  in a "state of mind" description of Breitbart.  I would not doubt if he was a user.  But I think he was mostly crazy.  If they find a tumor the size of a lemon in his brain, I will be no more surprised than I was to find out he dropped dead.

Now transition to Rush Limbaugh, by way of (as I call her)  silly person  Ann Althouse.  Who is not always silly.  Sometimes she can see the forest for the trees, and vice versa.  And this time her observation was spot on. Well  seems so, I'd agree. 

Doing a day after the fact  post concerning Limbaugh's (insufficient) apology to the woman he cruelly called a slut, she made the following observation, concerning Limbaugh:
My other theory about Rush — which Meade doesn't want me to publish — is that he just had to seize the spotlight back from Andrew Breibart, who'd gotten so much attention by dropping dead at the age of 43. Everyone was talking about Breitbart, as if Breitbart had been the biggest thing in right-wing media. We'll never see his like again... and Rush felt compelled to say something truly outrageous. He's always saying he knows how to play the media, to do his "media tweak of the day."
(Go Here.)

Her first observation there, is easy for me to believe.  It is so easy for me to believe that Limbaugh, either deliberately, or merely out of his depraved, infantile, twisted narcissism, went the extra mean vicious mile, to increase attention on him.  How could I not, once that flag gets sent up the flagpole?

 But that second part, to me, is more sociopathic.  What kind of idiot gets their joy out of tweaking the media? That's just some idiotic,  stupid, pathological game playing.  Not only who would get joy out of it, but who would respect that shit?  (Never mind the fact he got rich doing that pathological shit.  Who are the people who get off on it?)  And to explain, it is more sociopathic to me because  it is the same kind of pathetic, immature  attention  getting misbehaviour.  But if one is deliberately  doing it on a large scale?  And to what end?  What is the point in that sort of demented, dysfuntional activity?

I'll end there.  I will not go much further on right wing love of sociopathy.  I have already written many words on that subject.  I don't need to go deep there, now.

Edit to add:

The link to that LEO  blogger  who marked Breitbart as crazy, druggie, or both.

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