Saturday, February 04, 2012

That Silly Person Being Silly Again.

Well I haven't mentioned any of the stupidity going down on silly person Ann Althouse's site in a while.  Not deeply or too specifically at least.  But that doesn't mean they have stopped serving Freak Salad Sandwiches  with a side of Weird Slaw at the Meadehouse Cafe.  I have been . . . abstaining.  Resisting.  Holding back.  Anyway, this is something that merits the stupid tags.

Are ya ready?  Ann Althouse starts a thread to boast of her husband's Internet Trolling.

It's like a weird mother/child relationship. My opinion.  Makes me wonder,  is the outside of the fridge in the kitchen covered with Meade's finger paintings?.  Yes I went there.  That was deliberate sarcasm.  I mean really.  If this guy was getting published by a legitimate publisher, even some wing nut shit hole like PJ Media, or World News Daily, I could see the reason for pride.  In theory.  But Internet trolling?  I mean  really?

(Would it be wrong, I ask, to say notorious, serial Internet Trolling?  Just for the record. )

Hey.  Don't get me wrong.  I have done my share of trolling.  I did time on the Hannity board, and I know that game.  But it's a stupid game for people with time to kill.    Ya might as well feel pride in a family member's farting loudly in public, as to feel pride in their trolling some Internet discussion thread.

I have been known to slum.  But you have to know what the standards are, and spend time living up to those standards, to appreciate the joy of slumming.  Sure, it can be a guilty pleasure, at times.  But the operative word is "guilty."

It's only the fucking Internet, people.

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