Thursday, February 16, 2012

Some Motherfuckers Are Just Too Motherfucking Stupid. Or Intellectually Dishonest. Or Both.

And I am talking about a particular person, who I refer to here as Some Wingnut Professor.

Now I usually rank on his slimy, wing nut ass becasue he's a particularly odious racist's apologist. Likely he's got some shitty thoughts going on behind his dick face that I would say, close enough to me, he's a fucking racist too. But that's not the kind of shit he oozes, usually. His thing is perpetuating the racist nonsense that wing nuts say about black people being too sensitive to (wing nut. Let's be particular) racism. He's one of those enemies of humanity, who if left to his own devices, seemingly, would redefine racism to include only neo Nazis or worse offenders,  and black racial activists or any like minded Democrat.

But that's the contex. Here's today's violation. Talk about getting it wrong. The bit I linked above is him, Professor Wing Nut Dick Face touting some PEW stats about inter racial and inter ethnic marriages. Nothing wrong with that (except if you lump both together to get a 15% fig, one who's smarter than a bucket of snot would likely ask, what's the real numbers? How much of that is interethnic vs what most Americans would agree is actually interracial?)

Personally I am a product of about 500 years (at fucking least) of inter racial marriage and or what not. So Yea That, far as I am concerned.

I call the motherfucker out as a motherfucker for posting this line:

"We keep hearing about a demographic time bomb, usually from Democrats who hope it will work to their advantage.

But the reality is that the demographic time bomb is that race matters less and less, and that is bad news for Democrats who feed on racial division as a political strategy."
Now for the deconstruction. Motherfucker. It is particularly disturbingly funny you start out in the post talking about falling stereotypes, and then end with a particularly odious, and unfounded one, about how Democrats use race to, as you say,"Work to their advantage." What the fuck do you have for evidence of that? I am willing to bet you actually believe that for fact. But it is an odious stereotype. Fucking remember you motherfucker what President Johnson said about the Democratic Party losing the South, and remember that the party did in fact lose the South. And it's over 40 fucking years later. And the South is still lost to the Democratic Party. Motherfucker.
Now for that other part. Again, I am willing to assume Professor Dick Face believes that shit, but again, prove that it is Democrats who,"Who feed on racial division as a political strategy."
Again, with the factually baseless stereotypes. But to get more particular and factual. As between the two major parties in America, only one, the Democratic Party is committed to the idea of a level playing field where past, generational and institutional harmful effects and results of racism are eliminated, so we can arrive at a fair and just society.

Fucking GOPers think they can just declare it a race neutral society, despite the mountain of stats, that not only show otherwise. But motherfucking GOPers have no shame about and are bizarrely hypocritical enough to trot out those very same stats of inequality when it suits them to do so. And, motherfucking GOPers will use those stats, either specifically or as general basis for the argument that the Democratic Party is running a plantation where they are deliberately keeping the black folk down (by? I don't really get the rest of the argument, actually, unless giving them help in housing, employment, food, health care is some how more oppressive than letting them go with out, if they happen to be so disadvantaged?)
Lastly, and I don't think Professor Motherfucker Dick Face ever saw that brilliant movie by Warren Beatty, "Bullworth." There's that great scene where the newly awoken ethnic activist Senator Bullworth does that rap where the end line is about how racism will not end until there are no more white folks or black folks? I am not saying that's the goal of each and every registered Democrat. But I'd be my last dollar more Dems than GOPers sorta get that. But the truth of the matter is more that, and I admit, more likely as an ideal than as a true party platform plank, is that we are for elimination of white privilege. It's not white people and black people being eliminated (through interbreeding) that really is the goal. It is the elimination of whiteness as a status that is needed. Once we get rid of the idea and the reality that white means something more in American that any other ethnic/race category does, then we will be that much closer to a colorless society. And motherfucker, we have a fucking long way to go. Particularly as long as the motherfucking GOP is still around.

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