Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Professor Dick Face Makes it Easy for Me.

Leave it to him, to come out as an apologist for the ESPN folk who used the "Chink in the armor," line re Jeremy Lin.

How fucking racially tone deaf (and by that I mean racially thoughtless and insensitive,) must one be not to see that for the whopping fucked up ness that it obviously  is?

Professor Dick Face seems to believe that since the offending phrase was 'idiomatic' and not an intentional slur, that all should be forgiven.  I say what the mother fuck, Professor.  I should not have to point out the difference between negligent bad acts and deliberate bad acts.  And that is is not a defense to a negligent bad act to say, "It was an accident.  Sorry."

I should draft a new tag to describe when wing nut lawyers say shit they should know is fucking wrong, to start.  But that would be way too long a tag.  So I will go with the usual suspects, here.

Fuck.  Even Ann Althouse called them out, not for the racial insensitivity, mind you, but at least for the truly  bad writing.

Note to Professor Dick Face.  When Althouse is further on the curve regarding a racially provocative case of hoof in mouth, you should take note.  And really rethink your values.  There are at least two things Althouse never need worry about;  getting younger  (none of us will,) and getting an award from the NAACP or any other major, national anti ethnic/race discrimination organization.    

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