Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Oh Well. I Feel Tired. From Repeating Myself.

Even if watching Ricky Santorum is comedy, if anything serves as evidence that the GOP needs to go, it is the fact that he is still in the race.

Stepford Wife Bachman Imploded.

Lawn Jockey Cain Imploded.

Why the fuck is Santorum still here?  And I sorta know that.  The christianist faction love him for the very reasons sane people think he is out of his fucking mind.

If Sarah Palin had a penis, and bad hair, she might be Santorum.  Not as stupid as their enemies say, but still, fucking stupid.  Dangerously so.

Oh.  And Poor Newt.  He better say/do something insane soon.  No one is paying any attention to him.  And in a marginally saner party, he'd be the outer limits of indulgence for stupid crazy candidates. 

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