Sunday, February 12, 2012

Let's Play Jeopardy. The Answer: Just Tell Them What the Constitution Actually Says.

Abs hits  his buzzer and says,"What is how do you piss off a Wing Nut?"

Poor Ann Althouse.  Over the past day she did what she does now and then.  She says something I agree with.  Usually this occurs when she talks about law, and a rule of law so universally understood by lawyers, that only a dishonest one would disagree.  And she did that on one aspect of the, as I call it, not a religious liberty matter but rather: The War on Worker's Rights to Be Free of Employer Meddling With Their Insurance Coverage,  matter.  (Like how I framed the issue?) 

She called out the wing nut redneck horde, particularly Rush Limbaugh, for finding/declaring some invisible, actually imaginary  broad right to Religious Liberty in the actually narrow Free Exercise Clause.

And I say poor her, because I went and looked at the comments, and some of her minions  are attacking her.  For accurately stating the current and historical and actual meaning  and limited nature of the Free Exercise Clause.

Sucks to be  near wing nuts. I don't recommend it, unless one is itching for a fight with idiots.
Go Here for That Shit.

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