Wednesday, February 08, 2012

Karen Handel is a Monstrous Liar!

Karen Handel, formerly of the Komen Foundation speaks, I mean lies!

Liar liar liar.  Pants on fire.  I am not saying all republicans are liars of this magnitude.  But everyone who is spewing that lie about how PP  coerced  Komen, and the straw man argument about charities being able to spend their money how they like (tacit argument  -- with out the pesky part of having to answer to anyone else  -  and that  is so bull shitty, it's a lie too,) is a big fat pants on fire liar.  Even if Komen,  as an organization, was a unskilled David going against the giant Goliath that PP is, it really was not PP who had their say.  And I will explain that it was the stakeholders  who were the real victors here.

Let me break it down.  This evil liar here(Handel) used to be in government.  An as everyone involved in government knows, institutions and issues  have stakeholders. That includes charities, particularly those who solicit contributions from the public, a Komen does.  And that's one way how you get stakeholders. That kind of charity is a gatekeeper, only.  It's not the bank.  Here, the public is the bank.  To make any argument against that plain fact is a lie of monstrous proportion. 

And in this case, the offended stakeholders made their anger known.  The bank roared and the gate keeper responded.  Granted, the fight is not over, and the damage Komen did to itself is huge.  But this wasn't coercion. It wasn't thuggery.  It wasn't extortion.  It was the democracy of the marketplace.  Funny how some  (and I man so the hell many) republicans claim to love both democracy and the marketplace, but when push comes to shove, they hold both in rank, utter contempt. Horrible hypocrites.

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