Monday, February 06, 2012

I Was on a Tear on My FB Wall.

More on the Komen Wing Nut Political Hackery story, and then contraception gate. Turns out that anti choice,  anti Planned Parenthood hack concocted the  broad no funds  for anyone under investigation-rule,  to excuse the cuts  to PP.  And she thought she was going to get enough cover with that that they could not be accused of acting politically. 

What a dishonest idiot.

This is what you get when you hire a political hack to do what should be a professional  lawyer/lobbyist/Government Affairs executive's job.  Shit.  I just got to checking her bio.  She's uneducated.  (How the fuck did she get to be  Secretary of State of Georgia  with out being a lawyer at least?  The entire fucking job is legal wonkery.  Well, some political hackery if one swings that way.  But on paper it's a lawyer wonk job.)

Anyway, moving past that, there's contraceptive gate.  Cause, according to wing nuts at least, refusing to grant a groundless exception to the general rules for the civic marketplace to religious organizations engaging in commerce in the civic marketplace is not only religious discrimination, but a war on religious liberty.  Again,  wing nuts  and lies.  Isn't there some commandment against that?

Go here  for vid of Rachel Maddow going after some lying assed wing nut, on "Meet The Press."

Oh and in other news, the home team won the Superbowl  thing.  I just could not get excited.  I was burnt out on the very idea of the thing, by several days ago.

Anyway, that's all for now.

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