Monday, February 27, 2012

GOPers Playing Follow The Leader-Idiot.

Ok.  First Ricky Santorum  mis quotes (likely deliberately) what P. Obama said about kids being able to go to college. Most likely it was an anti elitism dog whistle, or dog bone, or pile of dog shit.

But after that, some truly more idiotic people ran with the talking point.

I could go off on specific wing nuts and/or wing nut curious people who fell for that bullshit.  (But I will only say on a certain blonde law professor's web site, that there were about 40 wing nut tea baggers  whining about P. Obama's sinister plot, before some truth teller posted the full quote from P.  Obama.  That nullifies in total Santorum's bullshit and all his defenders.)

But instead I am going to go off on the allegedly liberal Main Stream Media. 

Why do they let these douche bag politicians on their shows, and not confront them directly and forcefully  when the d-bags flat out lie, and/or set up bullshit strawman arguments?

I mean I know why.  They rather not offend, even at the cost of truth, justice, and The American Way.  So I should instead say, it infuriates me that they let a d-bag like Santorum get away with that shit.  Someone should have put Captain American Taliban Ricky Santorum in his place, and I mean as a lying assed weasel.

Anyway . . .

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