Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Fake Apology NOT Accepted.

Firstly, you grossly nasty, GOP, New Jersey, Racist Redneck. Apology definitely not accepted! On account that is was one of the GOP Non-apologies, where the piece of garbage redneck gets caught saying something at least borderline racist (or otherwise widely offensive) and only apologizes to those offended. As opposed to a true apology, which is to apologize for the offensive conduct/remark in a blanket fashion.

And deconstructing the offense? What you said was so unforgivable for a lawyer, that I would hope (against any chance of fulfillment) they yank your law degree for embarrassing the granting school. Civil Rights legislation and the court orders that followed were necessary because the racist, redneck states did not seem particularly inclined to abide by the plain meaning and language of the 14th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution, with out being forced. So you really think letting the offending racist, redneck states vote on whether they should continue to ignore the 14th, or give up their racist redneck ways, makes any sense to anyone not a racist redneck?
And to make matters even worse, this grossly nasty, GOP, New Jersey, Racist Redneck is standing by his insult "numbnuts,' to the NJ legislator who . . . follow me here . . . correctly characterized Christie's remarks as something historical and notoriously racist southern rednecks would approve of (by mention such historic southern racist rednecks by name.)

Cause this is how it works for republicans. State the obvious. State the facts. Describe context, circumstance, and present sense impression of the the state of objective reality in objective terms, and that is just cause to be insulted as an idiot (or what ever other such meaning term the GOPer chooses.) I repeat my conclusion. The GOP must be destroyed. (And Redneckism is ruining this country. And it must be resisted.)


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