Friday, February 10, 2012

Evidence Why There are so Few Conservative Comics.

Don't Watch This Shit!  You have been warned!  I am only posting it here so you can take a quick peek and know you do not want to watch more.

This shit is not only wrong on so many levels.  It is wrong on every level.  Somewhere near the end, these racist buffons  dare go into that whole  who can say "nigger," territory.  I guess now, at least according to culturally illiterate white conservatives, merely  doing one of the worst, worst rap performances, this side of Vanilla Ice on Meth, is entitlement to use the nigger word, while clearly mocking blacks.  (And I am still sorta  eh, about hip hop.  I think the more seedy shit is, well seedy.  And there is a place for seedy, but I digress . . .) 

18th Century powdered wigs and track suits?  They are making those idiots who showed up to CPAC in full 18th Cent. costume look like the sane people in the room.  

Racist Conservatives (Attempt to and Fail to) Rap at CPAC.



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