Saturday, February 04, 2012

Conservative Blogger Dicked Over by Conservative Group.

I'm not feeling schadenfreude here.  I mean it.  I have been doing gig work on and off since I was like 15.  So I get the wrongfulness of how this con blogger got dicked over by what ever con group is at fault. 

But I am reminded of that old joke where the other animal, after being bitten by the snake, complains.  And the snake says it's the other animal's fault.  "You knew I was a snake."

But still.  I am not blaming the victim.  But I am blaming conservative philosophy.  Fuck the village. It's all about what I can do for me.  I doubt the victim  here will begin to question her politics and associations  primarily based on her conservative activities.

She fucking should, if you ask me.

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