Friday, February 17, 2012

Why do GOPers feel compelled to crack jokes about policy, particularly policies where other people have to suffer the consequences of GOPers not taking them or their concerns seriously? Wait a minute. The answer might be right there in that first sentence.

In any case, and I am addressing Aspirin Man here:

"Yo! Bozo! It's not really the specific, obvious, and awful joke you told. It the fact you are telling any joke in the first place. You belittle and demean people when on the one hand, you advocate policy that will hurt them. And it just doubles down on the mean ugliness if you crack jokes about those people, directly or indirectly."

Now people. I am not saying each and every GOPer is a sociopath. But they are looking like the Sociopathy Party. Have been for years and years, really.

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