Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Newton Leroy: Crown Prince of the Redneck Horde.

Newt: Don't Stifle the Audience Cheering the Candidate's Attack on the Media.

Well I originally wanted to post this just because of the topic in the title.  The bizarre, mentally damaged person's  complaint, that the audience was being stifled in siding with the candidates  AGAINST the media?  Then again  I don't get this redneck, wing nut animosity against the media.  I think it's pathological.  I mean I get it.  that Newton Leroy, Crown Prince of the Redneck Horde, scores points with the minions every time he does that.  But it makes no sense.  The job of POTUS is not to be at war with the media, for cryin' out loud.  That has as much to do with being POTUS as one's ability to knit sweaters!  (But I do get it  -- it's an us vs them, identity politics, in group bigotry thing.  And that's why I think it's pathology.)  Anyway . . . .

I stuck with the video about 1/2 through.  Talk about hypocrite or self blindness.  Newt rants about the dishonesty of Romney calling him an influence peddler.  Now why the freaking hell would any corp  hire him as a so called  consultant?  Because he once had been a history professor, or because he once had been Speaker of the House? 

My gods!  The nerve of this bullshit, redneck millionaire.  It's hard to be a standout liar among the GOP  but we can call him a contender for the worst of the lot.

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