Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Non Political Content. Super!

Pic is of a dancer for the NY City Ballet, in her favorite (winter, I am guessing)  warm up get up.

Hey.  That theatre can get drafty.  I should know.  I used to work there, back in the day. 

Everything . . . is beautiful.  At the ballet.   Haven't been to a City Ballet show yet this season.  Gotta get on that.  I haven't seen any ballet in a month!  Talk about deprivation.  But I might get to see the special Kings of the Dance: Opus 3  show at City Center in a few weeks.  If I am lucky.  And by lucky I mean comped.  I love getting comped.  It's  the only way I can get  really good seats, as I am not a subscriber for either City Ballet, or ABT.  And this upcoming show I am talking about is not officially an ABT  gig.  But I know someone who knows someone.  Well I will stop there but hey.  I have a reasonable expectation for that gig.

Oh.  And I don't mean my former boss, who used to run sound at City Center. Last I heard  (as of last year) he's working at Carnegie Hall.  And he doesn't get comp tix.  I would imagine.  Usually.

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