Monday, January 30, 2012

Monday Quickies. No Linkys.

Love that old quoted exchange between Newt and Bob Dole. 

Newt:  "Why is everyone in such a rush to dislike me?"

Dole:  "Saves time."

The wheels are flying off the Newt bus, never mind the actual endorsement by Mack Daddy Cain, the rogue endorsement of Mr. Palin, and the almost sorta not actually but nearly so semi endorsement from Mrs. Palin.

News flash.  Mrs. Palin is still a rube.  And her stock at FNC is so low she's mainly doing the B list shows, over on Fox Business.  I wonder if Roger Ailes and the company got their money's worth out of her contract yet?  If so, take the Redneck Xena off the air.  Please?

I am tired of the "They are not racist, but . . ." arguments.  That is not a news flash.  But I want to see some strong voices with high media profiles  make the case that calling someone racist is not impolite, as long as their behavior warrants it.  We can never really know what is in some one's heart, even if they say,"This is in my heart."  Fuckers will lie.  Particularly if they are wing nut racists who tend to believe the line is always there where the next guy said something stupid.  It is never right there under their feet, when they say something stupid.

Anything else for now?  I saw some polling showing that a race between P. Obama and Romney is tighter than one between  P. Obama and Newt.  Newt gets creamed.  It's nice to know that only so many Americans  are freak flag flying, flaming idiots.

Ok.  I am done.  For now.

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