Thursday, November 03, 2011

Cain. The Insane Darling of an Insane Party.

I'm going freestyle here. No links. I have been ODing on the Cain and related stories. So here goes.

Cain is stupid and scuzzy. He's stupid as he had advance notice this this was going public, and just waited on it. He's scuzzy, never mind that I think the allegations are true against him, because he chose to indirectly attack the accusers. Saying the charges were false, is the same as calling them liars and all that shit.

The Cain Campaign and it's supporters are scuzzy. No bitches. Someone disclosing or publishing shit you want to keep secret is not an attack. It's called journalism. Assholes!

Likewise now that the Cain camp is directly blaming the Perry camp for the "leak," no bitches. It is not despicable when you political rivals disclose shit that will embarrass you. It's called politics. And there's no crying in politics!

Moving on, will we see any walk backs from the loud mouths who blamed this on the left and it's alleged racism against black conservatives? I think the odds are better that I hit Power Ball for that big pot last night. Or will hit the lottery sometime soon big big!

Some bitches got too much money, as Cain's been raking in the dough lately. What the fuck up with that?

Lastly, the perhaps not so odd (as there is not too odd for wingnuts) argument that has been gaining traction and what not with apologists for Cain? Blame it on the sexual harassment laws. They are bad!

So if Cain had been accused of a violent felony, would these people blame them laws? Maybe the law is racist against black conservatives.

Ya. None of the other arguments these people have been using make much more sense than that, so why not?

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