Friday, July 22, 2011

"Your site is really disrespectful toward religious people."

That's a quote I pulled off some page somewhere. I'll get back to that point, and soon. But first I will say that I am still rubbernecking at that site called The Anchoress. It's run by this extremely devout Catholic lady. And most of the friggen time I have no idea what the hell she is talking about.

I could easily crank out comparative religion papers. But I have no feel for religion. I have no appreciation for the institution. I really do not respect the institution. And that gets us to my quote.

What is wrong with religious people, in how they get it, that some people don't respect religion, but don't get it, that they are allowed not to respect religion? More's the point, where the hell do they get the nerve to expect if not demand that others respect their religious belief system? It's not only totally fucked up thinking. But it's oppressive.

I really hate that shit. And I know. I mean I know that on account of the disparity of the numbers, religious people outnumber the rest of us, that society places a value on religion making it superior to other human belief systems. That's the default. But do I forfeit my right to say, that shit doesn't make the tiniest bit of objective sense to me?

I'm not really ranting here. I am just saying.



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