Sunday, July 03, 2011

Wing Nuts Lie, About Free Speech. Hypocrites.

They really don't believe in the real, as in constitutional doctrines and philosphy regarding Free Speech.

Case in point, the Right Wing (led by Fox) attack on Media Matters. As if they are the first not for profit org that has . . . an ideological bias? Judy Miller is positively frightening with her opinion. She basically said she wanted all such orgs stripped of tax exempt status.

What the fuck?

Well ya know. There a line. Somewhere. Tricksy. It is. And that line is actually marked down in the law and or the regs. You can't enjoy the status of tax exempt if you are promoting a particular party or candidates. That's the bright line.

Seems to me spending most of your time as a media watchdog accusing one particular media publisher as being biased, and a bunch of god damned liars is no where near half near that bright line.

But wing nuts are fucking hypocrites who really don't believe in our American Freedoms.

Where the fuck are the preachers of the Gospel of Free Speech on this one, Professor Althouse? This really doesn't even fall into that bullshit class of vapid twaddle called by it's kooky adherents, "Culture of Free Speech." This is clear First Amendment shit. And Fox News and it's allies are indirectly gunning for the normal, understood meaning of free speech as protected speech here. So what says you all?

I spent my (Sunday of) 4th of July Weekend defending the First Amendment. How did you spend it?

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