Tuesday, July 19, 2011

What's The Best Entry Point for the Death of the Bachmann Candidacy (she's got serious brain problems, ya know) story?

Some wingnut law professor. He is giving her the benefit of the doubt (cause politicians never lie about their shortcomings, and other embarrassing shit.)

Fuck a duck. There's migraines, and then there are incapacitating migraines. If the ex insider reports are only 1/2 true, The Stepford Wife is in my opinion, medically unfit for the office of POTUS.

I had what was one of my busiest threads on my fb page today over a post about that shit.

To explain my own bias, I assume The Stepford wife is not only a pathological liar, but a hypocrite par excellence. I give no benefit of the doubt to trash like her. Instead I embrace every worst negative inference. So I am assuming the worst those ex insiders say is true. And due in part to the push back I got on my fb page from some GOP (friendly leaning) friends) I did the minimum research on the meds. Short of it? There are some preventative drugs. But then there's the post onset drugs. One class of them is not really incapacitating, but still works as a Serotonin inhibitor, so it's a truly serious kind/class of med. And the other is opiates. You don't need me to explain opiates, but to say the are the dopest of Dope.

And I assume based on the reports so far, she needs the opiates. She got a very bad case of bad head. if she needs to take opiates, then she's medically unfit for POTUS. If the people in her district continue to vote her in to Congress. Fine. But the Stepford Wife fails the Medical Fitness test to be CIC and in charge of the launch codes.

Her campaign? I can't swear to it but I am thinking it's all over but for the whining.

Shit. The fucking useless press, far as I know, have not yet asked if her husband has been treating her. Ethical violations there, Mr. Bachmann. And yes I think you are that fucking stupid. Arrogant. Both.

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