Sunday, July 31, 2011

Stupidity of the Week Review.

(Forgive me or not. I do not plan on linking sources. Deal.)

It came to light that week that Nikki Haley considers herself white. When it suits her to be. Normally I'm all for screwing with people's heads about race. But that's not what she's doing. She's playing an entirely different game, me thinks. And particularly in southern politics where race is still a bigger deal than other parts of the country, she's distancing herself from the niggras, and other not whites. Choosing sides perhaps?

Now back to the hostage crisis. If I hear (read) another teabagger or wing nut blame the Dems/Obama for this shit, I am gonna loose it. Well I would be justified, I think. For that matter I am fucking sick and tired of anyone who is not down with the reality. The GOP is morally unfit to govern, or legislate. Make that even have any part in the process, anymore. I just wish we could arrest the fuckers, and rendition them to Bagram.

I know. I should stop before I get really angry. One last thing on that bundle of related things. Abut the most stupid thing I read this week about related shit was something where some dipshit made the argument that it could be unconstitutional for P. Obama to veto any debt bill that passes both chambers. Ex-fucking-scuse me? There is no real test for validity of veto. It's a unrestrained power.

Anything else going on this week? Past week worth the keystrokes? Not off the top of my head. I try not to get too pessimistic, but sometimes I think we are all fucked. And on that note, happy Sunday. No. Wait. One last thing. Even if summer is not over I have decided on a title for the book about Summer of 2011, even if I will never write it.

The Summer We All Died and Went to Hell.

Imagine if I were really feeling pessimistic?


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