Monday, July 18, 2011

Sometimes it's that simple . . .

I was a not even close to happy person for a few years there. Not to say I never had fun, but a lot of my malaise was due to my nearly non existent social life, save the hated Internet.

And here I am having discovered, that ya. Even if they say happiness comes from inside, all that, it is profound what a difference it can make to unplug, and get out there and enjoy life in the real world. And the company you keep can have such a brilliant and positive effect on a person, I have recently re learned. But I really have not relearned anything, truth be told. For years I have known and have been preaching the Gospel of Networking:

"You gotta go to the right kinds of parties, and meet the right kinds of people!"

That goes both for social and professional lives. And for many of us, there a lot of blur between the two.

Ok. That's all I've got for now.



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