Thursday, July 21, 2011

Some Shit That is Annoying Me.

Firstly, this new found love for the idea of sexism by some on the right. I find it well annoying that some of those people jump to call sexist any criticism of, as I am now enjoying to call them, the Boobsey Twins (Palin and Bachmann.) I stand with Bill Maher in saying we don't dislike them because they have boobs. We dislike them because THEY ARE boobs.

That bleeds to a related matter I call "The Cult of Right Wing Victim hood." That is one of the most annoying things I have ever had the displeasure of experiencing. And I have tasted Miracle Whip! Anyway . . . some people on the right have very thin skins. They don't seem to understand that no one has to like them, particularly when they are being mean and trying to kill Social Security and Medicare, and all that good shit. This is not really a political point. It's basic human nature. It's basic sand box, playground human nature. Take away, or merely threaten to take away my lolipop, my bag of cheese doodles, or my favorite yo-yo and I am going to call you a poopy-head.

Back to a clearer political point. If a politician is a member of a party that worships the ideas of smaller government and less taxes, I have no reason at all to trust anything they say about there being a need to make government smaller, or the logic for not raising taxes. I know their biases to start. And that means I know not to trust them (particularly when they ignore CBO reports and data that proves they are wrong on their analysis and arguments.) As the brilliant American philosopher, Judge Judy says, "Don't pee on my leg, and tell me it's raining."

The fact that NewsCorp has not completely crumbled yet, has me only somewhat annoyed. I am happy to see it in distress. I am amused to see and or hear the defenses of that criminal corporation . . . by folk on it's payroll. But I am losing patience here. I want that shit done, fast! Is it too much to hope for a Criminal RICO action, in addition to Corrupt Foreign Practices? I just love the look and sound of the following: Rupert Murdoch and Newscorp Indicted for Racketeering. Imagine the howling, as they drag Bill O'Reilly away from his desk as the US Marshall's seize the studio. Priceless! (And yes, you can get RICO with bribery. And we already know of NewsCorp doing that in the UK. I think we have to have evidence of that happening here too, for RICO to kick in.)

I'm running out of steam here for now, so I will just say I am annoyed by the persistence of Michele Bachmann. I mean really. It seems none of the rest of the Seven Dwarfs can get any ink/digital/vid coverage these days. (I heard a rumor Herman Cain is about to drop a single feat. Vanilla Ice, just to get mention on the TMZ page!) It's like she's this News Cycle Vampire, sucking all the limelight. But I know better than to blame her for that. I know the truth. And that is it's Summer. It's traditionally the Horse Latitudes for news, and she's the shiny thing of the moment. And already she's morphing into a metaphorical pinata. In other words, my nefarious friends in the liberal media set her up, just to knock her down. She can't handle pressure (few of the current batch of GOP pols can, it seems. Clay feet and eggshell craniums seem to be in abundance on that side of the aisle.) And when the push comes to shove, she will crack like a raw egg. Make that instead like Humpty Dumpty. My guess, at least.

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