Thursday, July 07, 2011

So Much Wingnut Stupidity, So Little Time . . .

Firstly, Mrs. Palin, who is denying that the new documentary brought tears to her eyes, and made the Mr. very angry, as the one sequence of media/entertainment celebrities ragging on her adds to the "She's a joke," factor. Since she is denying it, I believe it must be true.

Next, to The Stepford Wife, Bachmann. First Chris Wallace (mindlessly) apologized to her for confronting her with her actual street creds (or lack thereof,) as a flake. Now someone in I think Romney's camp is apologizing for saying she has a little sex appeal. What's next with these delusionally oriented wing nuts? Is someone going to have to apologize for saying she has one head, and 10 fingers and 10 toes? Fuck an even-gelly duck!

Rush Limbaugh used the occasion of the Casey Anthony (mostly) acquittal as an excuse for a very mean cheap shot at liberals. As if liberals had anything to do with the shitty case the prosecution brought way too soon? As a tactical matter, it's a mistke, rushing to trial with a circumstantial (de facto weak) case in a high profile case. The stuipid bastids should have known they were going to be fighting against high level lawyers, with high levels of resources. I hope not to say much more about that case here, but there's an ugly truth about criminal trials. Usually the balance of resources is with the state. When the state gets matched in resources, they better not merely bring their A game but they need to bring their A+++ game, or risk getting spanked. I will stop there on that matter, but to say it ain't got nothing to do with politics. Anyone who thinks that is fucking stupid.

And oh. I am noting, more, a trend among the wing nuts to attribute any action by any one left of center as doing the bidding of the Democratic Party (and the nuttier ones would say George Soros.) Bitches, listen up! If my team were that organized we would have wiped the floor with your punk bitch asses already and the GOP would cease to exist as a national party. Shit. You punk ass bitches usually do more damage to your own damn selves than we do to you. You don't have to stop saying that shit, but saying it doesn't make it true.

I could go further today, but I will stop here. I mean I could do some wing nut blogger alerts. But it does not please me enough to do so. I will rag on some wing nut bloggers on another day. Likely.

That's all for now.

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