Saturday, July 23, 2011

Related to My Previous Post About Religion.

Consider the following statement:

"People need to recognize that the real situation about where we fit in the scheme of things is very different from the way it's been portrayed," Friedman said. "In my view of what's going on, there are loads of civilizations out there all over the place, and that we are not very significant."

Roswell Article on Huffpo.

Now whether or not this is true, there's a philosophy there that to my mind runs counter to religious thinking. Religious people seem to have a deep, if not pathological (in some cases) need to feel special. Being made in God's image, being beloved by God, being among his chosen people. All that shit.

I don't get that shit. I don't say exactly what that guy I am quoting says. The way I say it usually is something more like I hope there's more, as in more so than us, intelligent life out there. I mean if humans are the best the universe has to offer, then the universe is fucked!



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