Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Quickies . . .

Let's remember children, that the important thing to note in the debt ceiling story is that even if leveraging is nothing new in Washington Politics, the GOP leadership has so over played it's hands here, it should be considered extortion.

As of the last shit I read, Mitch Turtle McConnell floated a weird plan that pre authorises the POTUS to raise the debt limit. And of course that shit it tied to matching cuts, not revenue increases. What more reason do we need before we can arrest and deport these shits?

Moving on . . .

Some people, who will remain nameless for now, take more offense when people accuse Palin of using her looks to get ahead in the world if they are otherwise critical of her, than those fan boys who love her gams and boobies. To people who don't do this even on a dare, I double dog dare you to go read comments on her fb page. Or go out there and find a male Palin supporter and just ask them what do they like about her most? Go ahead. I'll wait for it. I know it won't take long for the fan boys to get down to it.

Lastly (for now as I want to run out now,) did you hear about the AZ state level lawmaker who pointed a loaded gun at a reporter, just in showing him the gun, not meaning to be threatening? Still what she did was so ignorant that gun people are critical. See. This is why we don't like the idea of every idiot being able to get a gun. That means idiots will have guns. And that's a bad thing.

Ok. I'll leave things there for now.

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