Tuesday, July 05, 2011

People Who Do Not Like Government Make For Lousy Lawmakers. And Other Elected (or Appointed) Politicians. Duh!

Was a point I reached, over the past year or so, when I decided to basically stop pretending that the GOP wing nuts were at all serious about governing. That is to say, people who preach the gospel of "Government Doesn't Work," can't be trusted to govern. I stopped cutting slack to the bullshit folk who said shit like, "We don't want to kill government; we just want it to be smaller." Some such. Granted, some folk may really believe that shit. But the institution of the GOP really would like to kill it as much as they can. I started saying Grover Norquist was the only honest one of them. His contempt for the institution of the Federal Government is legendary and as clear as can be.

And now for the on going debt (and all the other shit the GOP has attached to that issue) battle.

How fucking far gone are the GOPers this time? How deep is their desire to kill the Federal government? It's so bad that even David Brooks is calling them out. Now on his good days, he can seem to be a rational fellow. On his bad days he seems quite the wing nut. But today is one of his good days, I recon:

"The struggles of the next few weeks are about what sort of party the G.O.P. is — a normal conservative party or an odd protest movement that has separated itself from normal governance, the normal rules of evidence and the ancient habits of our nation.

If the debt ceiling talks fail, independents voters will see that Democrats were willing to compromise but Republicans were not. If responsible Republicans don’t take control, independents will conclude that Republican fanaticism caused this default. They will conclude that Republicans are not fit to govern.

And they will be right."


Let me just say that for me, the verdict is already in. They are not fit to govern. There is no doubt about that at this point in time. We don't have to see the last grisly act in this Kabuki theatre piece for that to be made any clearer.

I'm not motivated to go any further with my commentary, now. Those are the last couple graphs in his piece. It's a worthwhile read, I say.

And oh. Welcome to July 2011. The year the GOP has finally, irreversibly, gone fucking criminally insane.

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