Monday, July 11, 2011

Not Motivated. Too Hot. So Let's Go Very Quicky.

Mrs. Palin is teasing in more ways than one. She's still teasing her minions with tauntingly seductive-trying-seeming hints that she's thinking about running (don't you just hate teases?) But in that Newsweek article she strikes poses more befitting of a Hollywood Starlet than someone seriously thinking about the very serious job of running for office to become POTUS.

Shit on a cracker! You don't pose demure, and slyly flirty if you want to be taken seriously as a candidate for leader of the Free World. Fuck a duck!


Sticking with Mrs. Palin, I was about to give Tommy Christopher of Mediaite shit, for giving Martin Bashir shit, for "wrongly" allegedly accusing Mrs. Palin of calling P. Obama a Sugar Daddy. Then I went back and looked again at the post on Mrs. Palin's facebook page and remembered. I did not get past the third line of that shit. So I really can't really give Tommy Christopher much shit really, but to say the following. If one does what I did, and reads the head line and not much past that, that's the way that shit reads, mon ami. Just saying.

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