Wednesday, July 13, 2011

More Quickies . . .

I want to see more of this! Debbie Wasserman-Schultz taking it to the GOP. Here.

"One of the biggest “children” in her view may be Republican presidential candidate Michele Bachmann, who she blasted for not having the comprehension of what the consequences of defaulting on America’s debt would be and who she doubted had qualifications to actually be President. The Republican slamming continued with one final statement, as Wasserman Schultz concluded that not raising the debt ceiling would have catastrophic results and “there’s no disputing that – unless you’re a Republican.”"

I can not begin to say in public what I think is a fitting penalty for the GOP for their over leveraging over the debt limit. But I will describe it as such. The current GOP Is Lex Luthor, Emperor Ming The Merciless, and Doctor Evil, all rolled up in one. Oh. And don't forget the Daleks. Like them too.

Fuckit. I'm done for now. Maybe more quickies later.

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