Thursday, July 14, 2011

It Was the Best of Times. It Was the Worst of Times.

The suicide by graft and crime of NewsCorp, starting with it's UK Print Ops, and perhaps leading to loss of the broadcast license in the USA (among best case scenarios) gladdens my heart. I would be full of the joy of seeing the universe correct itself, meting out justice to those who got it coming. However, the on going debt fight in DC still has me distressed and way angry.

Speaking of that, the news of the day is not Eric Cantor's dubious claims about an angry P. Obama storming out of a meeting (I would have been pleased about that if that was something I truly believed, by the way.) But it's the bit about how at least one GOP Senator is now thinking and saying out loud that the extortion scheme (my phrasing of it) tied to the debt limit fight might not have been such a good idea.

Bob Corker Has An Epiphany.

I do believe in giving credit where due. Now on to some criticism.

To some wingnut professor. Are you out of your fucking mind, pimping Cantor for VP? Here. Fighting the good fight? Are you out of your fucking mind? And this wingnut professor posts some audio of Cantor blabbing about the details of the negotiation as his evidence of Cantor fighting the good fight? Fuck a duck! The mere fact any of those evil bastids went along with this extortion plan is well . . . evil! (I know that wing nuts have trouble with facts, reality, and the fucking obvious. Using the issue of raising the debt limit as an extortion fulcrum to jack the White House into agreeing to things that they and the American People do not fucking want, is inherently evil, no matter how much people may believe in Reaganomics. And we all fucking know that fucking doesn't work. Sorry. Like I said above, this shit makes me angry.)

Now I have already highlighted someone at least on the path to good work, Sen. Corker, who is at least doubting, publicly, the extortion plan. Anyone in the GOP still thinking and playing that game as if it is not evil, is evil. Again. This shit is fucking obvious!

Let me find the door. I tend to stay calmer about this shit merely reading about it, than typing about it. It must be that when I am thinking about my comments, and analyzing the process and what it means, that must wake up deeper parts of my brain. And before I know it, I go all fuck this fuck them. I know it's not necessary to do so. But hey. My blog. My thoughts. All that.

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