Wednesday, July 06, 2011

Is it Time to Resume GOP (or Shall We Call it Wingnut) Racist of the Week?

No links. You will have to deal.

Here's the timeline, far as I know (with out actual times listed.)

First, some article gets posted over at The Daily Beast talking about how there are (have recently been) at least 9 clearly out of the closet white supremacists running for office on the GOP line.


Some people would say that's 9 way too many. But not Professor Wingnut. I am not going to call him a racist for merely overlooking the fact that 9 is way too many, and instead doing his dumb-assed victory dance claiming, in so many words, the number is too low to bother to take note (as the peeps at The Daily Beast did.)

And not that the practice of forming up a daisy chain, smelling each other's asses, and proclaiming their ideological cohort's farts smell as sweet as roses is unique to the cult of right wing bloggers, but this is yet another instance of that. Ann Althouse links Professor Wingnut's 180 degree wrong remarks on the Daily Beast out of the closet GOP racist story. I am not going to call her a racist on account of that. But some of her minions? Her commentariat can get ugly and fast, but some of the comments there were just sickening. But that is often the case.

I would make some remark that what we are seeing is the normalization of low level racism on the American Right. But that's not new. We are just seeing a newer version of it. And that even is not that new, but has been forming since the late 60s early 70s when out of the closet racism became a rare thing. And that used to be the norm here in America, not too long ago.

In our current America, wingnut racists for the most part deny they are racists, while clinging to their racist thoughts, and calling other people racists for really stupid things like acknowledging the social reality of race. Ya. I have seen it done time and time again, that if a Democrat merely mentions race, like that one time P. Obama mentioned he himself was black? You know what I mean. It's fucked up out there. And people like Ann Althouse and Professor Wingnut clearly are not part of the solution.

9 out of the closet racists running for office across all of America on the GOP line is way the fuck too many. I mean really! How many more do you need to see before you see a fucking problem with it?

Oh. And before I end my latest wingnuts as racists rant, did you hear about the asshole tea bagger racists selling "Yup. I'm a Racist," t-shirts at some rally? They are tired of being called racists. So they made up a shirt saying they were racists.

If that was meant as irony, I would call it the ironic equivalent of a suicide vest. Way not to make the point, doods.

I will actually link that shit.

Kentucky Tea Party T-Shirt Guy Not Helping Their Cause.

There's video available. I watched some of the clip they have up at Mediaite. But I'm not up to linking that page as . . . sorta as badly as Althouse and Professor Wingnut did, the editor there was way too sympathetic to the wing nut racists. Aww. Hell. I'll link it as well. I only lasted about one minute in, before I was quite enough sickened by these asshole wing nut racists.

Link to Page With Vid. Vid is From Last Year.

Expect this shit to get worse and worse, as we get closer to election day 2012. Racist wingnuts are gonna let their racist freaks fly like it's the last chance they will ever have to fly it. And I dearly hope the days of that being suffered are quickly drawing to an end. I hope!

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