Monday, July 04, 2011

Indy Day Quickies. Auto da Fé , Anyone?

In keeping with my practice of highlighting dumb things wing nut bloggers say to take a broader sweep at such wing nuts, the following, by the blogger over at "The Anchoress." Her premise (if not conclusion) seems to be that there is this thing called "True Evil." And that I guess she knows it when she sees (hears about it) if it's a grizzly violent crime that churns her stomach. Gimme a Freaking Break.

I'll try to keep my points to a few. What about Hannah Arendt, and her famously brilliant observation about "The Banality of Evil?" Nope, you don't have to be engaged in the wet work of mayhem, to be evil, or truly evil. That's bullshit.

And secondly. We are talking human beings, not some enlightened species. The creativity with which humans have been killing other humans (and anything else that can bleed and die) seems limitless. Just this past season, I saw Verdi's "Don Carlo," at the MET. The big moment in the show is when the heathens get burned to death. The Auto da Fé? No, they did not "burn" them on stage. The director came up with a brilliant way to suggest that, with out graphically representing it. I'll not laundry list it, but shit. Give me a break. Watch a movie about the Crusades, or any European Civil or religious war. Shit. Watch "Hotel Rwanda."

Let me move on to other things. I will only say about DSK that I am glad I have not said shit about DSK so far. Great call by me. I got burned enough with Weiner. That was enough (and that was my wanting to take his word that he was not lying, for as long as I did.)

I love the idea being kicked around that the WH can just tell congress to fuck off about the debt. I read (just now) part of an interesting discussion about the strengths and the weakness of that tactic. But since I am ideologically in favor of crushing the GOP and tossing the institution on the shit heap of history ASAP, the very idea of taking away their blackmail lever is very attractive.

People need to lean harder on Bachmann. I know that crazy born-again shit-talk appeals to her natural evan-gelly base, but God told me to Marry That Man. God Told Me to Go to Law School. What the fuck? That's crazy talk. She's crafty enough to soft sell that God told me to shit now. But we have her on tape singing the full freak version of the evan'gelly anthem. Let's make her wear that like the stink from a skunk squirt.

Oh. And I am getting long here, so let me just remind all you wing nuts. There's no excuse for your beliefs. None. On my best of days I say there is nothing so wrong with most of you (as some of you are beyond being saved, mentally) that can't be fixed by changing your minds.

Until that day, I consider you all to be minions of evil. And I really don't believe in Satan. But I do believe in Hannah Arendt's genius observation of our morally weakling species.

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